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Simulation and Analyzes

We can improve your product with simulation to reduce the cost of physical prototyping.

A simulation is an imitation of a real process or system over time. We use a computer program to expose an object to the stresses that occur in the real world. The computer program can then be used to calculate the desired parameters. This can be used to ensure that a product can withstand its use or improve the design.

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Mechanical Analyzes

Prototyping can be performed using computer tools. This provides an opportunity to assess how various parts should fit together before production of the first physical prototype. In addition, simulation can reveal the need to improve the design.

This is especially true for products with mechanical connections. Animation of moving parts can be used to validate the design

This can also be used for larger assemblies with electronic, pneumatic and / or hydraulic components.

Element method (FEM / FEA)

FEM is a widely used method for numerically solving differential equations that arise in engineering and mathematical modeling. Typical problem areas of interest include the traditional fields of structural analysis, heat transfer, liquid flow, mass transport and electromagnetic potential.

FEM is a general numerical method for solving partial differential equations. To solve a problem, a large system is divided into smaller, simpler parts called elements. There are a limited number of elements that can be formed with this method, and therefore provide an approximation of the actual value. Calculations are performed for each element and are used to form a complete picture. We use a computer program to perform FEM analyzes in a much shorter time, but can also be used to provide better approaches or calculations for advanced geometry.